High speed roll-up door PAT 100

PAT 100

The high speed roll-up door PAT 100 has a compact structure that allows easy installation, reducing the possibility of accidental impact. The flexible mantle with interchangeable sectors allows a simplified maintenance and therefore a low management cost.

Available in self-repairing version, for environments with heavy traffic of forklifts; AISI 304 stainless steel, for highly sanitized environments; Pneumatics for classified as explosion proof environments and anti-panic for total safety.

Maintaining a constant negative temperature in freezer systems or cold stores is the main objective of PAT Artic, an high speed roll-up door that allows fast transit with high speed opening and closing  and cuts down drastically the heat exchange time. Furthermore, a fully transparent curtain allows best visibility of inner rooms, making inward inspection with “closed doors” possible. 

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