Hanging window mechanisms

Comunello providesΗλεκτρικοί μηχανισμοί παραθύρων a choice between 3 alternative models capable of providing adequate thrust and traction: 600N, 450N and 200N. Each model is available in the following operating voltages: 110 / 230VAC 50 / 60Hz and 24VDC. There is also the possibility to adjust the degree of the opening, as there are various combinations of dip switch outlets available.

 The 600N model has 4 possible versions: 180-225-300-500 mm. The 450N model is offered in 5 different versions: 160-200-235-300-400 mm Finally, the 200N model is available in 3 possibilities: 160-180-300 mm.

Various accessories complete the series, such as: support arms (can be placed in any position on the body thanks to the sliding bases) and support bases for top-hung type openings. Up to 30 mechanisms may be connected parallelly.

The 600N model is also available in 2W-Net, 3W-Net and 4W-Net. The W-Net series is an innovative communication system that ensures perfect control of movement and coordination. No external tuning control is required, as the connection is made possible via an RS485 serial port. These mechanisms are designed for use in domes that require horizontal opening or with particularly heavy weight windows.

The Raywin series is fully compliant with European Union standards.

Colors: silver (anodized) with gray details in RAL7035.


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