Shutter mechanisms

Μηχανισμός για πατζούρια και παράθυρα

The Domus Swing mechanism is designed to open and close windows and shutters of all types with one or two panels, offering a solution for locations with difficult access, thus reducing heating or cooling losses in these spaces during winter or summer.

Technical Specifications

Automation or use of the mechanism can be done both locally or collectively in the case of multiple mechanisms. The windows or panels can be stopped in any position by presetting corresponding mechanical stops. In the case of a group of mechanisms, an appropriate electronic unit should be ordered. Automation can also accept an electric lock for For the security of the home or space where installed, this automation mechanism also has a secure locking option.


Power supply

230 V ac 50 Hz



Maximum panel width

750 mm

Maximum panel weight

70 Kg

Opening time for 180 °

14 s

Mechanism dimensions

160x78x67 mm

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