Bollards are used in many environments, from shopping malls to historic city centers, sidewalks, hotels and large construction sites, as well as all areas that require special attention to restrict access. They also provide ideal solutions for outdoor urban areas, hospital environments, large parking lots, as well as high security areas such as banks, shopping malls, embassies and camps. Our company cooperates with two reliable companies that provide a wide range of products easily adaptable to any requirement.

O&O has chosen to make customer satisfaction its priority goal. Investment in researching new products and technologies in the fields of Road System and Perimeter Security is the key to the company’s strategy for implementing further growth on the world market. 

In 2012, O&O decided to abandon the traditional and increasingly competitive residential sector, and devote itself totally to the Road System and Perimeter Security ranges of products: traffic bollards, security bollards and automatic professional road barriers. Its resources have therefore been channeled into developing these two product lines, adopting increasingly avant-garde technologies and investing in new specialized personnel. Thanks to this choice, O&O has become even more complementary to other BFT Group manufacturers, establishing itself as a leader in markets where the “specialist approach”, plus high quality, plus technological features, plus top service, are all indispensable attributes.

PILOMAT S.r.l. counts itself among the top leading manufacturers of automated access control technologies in the world. The top priority is the continued development and expansion of the line of products, which is carried out entirely within the company to ensure speedy and precise responses to the various demands of the international market. We have ensured the guarantee of the reliability and longevity of our mission, through the development of our philosophy geared towards quality improvement, as well as placing ever higher quality standards into our production at competitive costs and reduced lead time and schedule.

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