Fire shutters

Safety for people, living beings and materials is priceless. In the event of a fire alarm, they should be secured within minutes and damage minimized. Thefire resistant doors of the Dutch company MetacoN that we offer you are the reliable solution for every situation. Within our product range you will find solutions for fire resistant curtains and fire resistant roller shutters of high quality, at competitive prices with immediate delivery.

  • MetacoN is an innovative company that aims to be a leader in the development of sustainable products and innovative solutions. It has specialized employees and combined with extensive knowledge of existing (international) laws and regulations, ensures the continuous improvement and development of (new) products. Every MetacoN fire resistant door is tested according to the latest European standards, EN 1634-1 and EN 1634-3. When the intended goal is achieved through these tests, MetacoΝ classifies the door in question according to the latest European standards, EN 13501-1.


  • The Polish factory NGR Technologie has quality state-of-the-art fire protection solutions and is actively active in the international market. The high demands we place on the products we provide you result in us delivering them with CE marking and in accordance with EN 13241 and EN 16034 standards. NGR technologie AK fire curtains are a versatile solution thanks to their extremely light cylindrical structure, while they have applications in all types of buildings, including houses.

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