PVC Speed Rolls

High-speed PVC doors are a self-supporting structure that can carry galvanized steel crossbeams with suitable reinforcements when used for large openings. The frame consists of a structure that does not carry any kind of electrolysis to avoid unpleasant corrosion and deformations during the manufacturing process.

The transverse beam is designed in such a way as to allow the roller to be made in the PVC curtain inside a closed compartment, the entire opening is available in both width and height. Both side columns consist of specially shaped profiles allowing the curtain to roll freely designed in such a way as to help with any possible maintenance and / or replacement. Inside the two vertical columns, there are also two pairs of security photocells.

The curtain is made of 830 g / m² PVC fabric and is available in various colors. It is possible to integrate a transparent part (windows) in the PVC curtain by allowing surveillance from the opposite side. The curtain is also equipped with transverse metal rods, to support in case of wind or differential air pressure load up to 200 Pa (Pascal).

The motor is mounted directly on the shaft (without any shaft adjustment device). The door is equipped with mechanical switches, thermal relay, electric brake, emergency release switches and emergency manual. It can also be equipped with engineers or digital switches.

The motor is a 400V three-phase electric voltage of 16 A, with an opening speed of 0.82 m / sec (basic version) and is available with a coder and frequency converter (recommended for oversized doors).

The control panel is fully programmable with button for opening, closing, stopping, and standing functions in the open position as well as emergency.

There are also various security systems such as:

IP67 photocell bars that are integrated into the columns in the door frame, which can detect the passage of persons or vehicles up to the height of 2500 mm in order to avoid any possible collision.
The door can be equipped with a yellow flashlight that flashes and emits an audible signal.
All doors are assembled and prefabricated at the factory to ensure the best and fastest installation.
The cloth can also be ordered between a variety of different colors such as red, green, white, gray, yellow, blue and orange.


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