Fire Resistant sliding doors

Single-leaf or double-leaf fire resistant sliding doors are made of insulated panels and joints consisting of vertical rigid metal columns and a perimeter metal frame. The total thickness of each sheet is 82 mm consisting of galvanized sheet metal (sendzimir) reinforced with rigid foam, two fire-resistant plasterboards and rockwool. Around the perimeter of the sheet there is a special flange which offers sealing of the smoke. The sheets first receive a phosphorization process and a final 5 micron thick primer color. The final finish consists of a 20 micron thick paint which offers a continuous salt spray resistance of up to 400 hours.

Rolling is done by means of a guide installed in the upper part which is painted in the same color as the door and metal rolling rollers. Its support is done using anchors on the deck. The door is operated manually by means of aluminum handles (inside and outside) and a counterweight located at the back of each leaf connected by a belt and pulleys, this system undertakes to keep the door always closed and sealed. The pulley belt is connected to an ampoule of chemical solution where in the event of a fire it breaks and automatically closes the door.

The door is certified according to UNI 9723 and fire resistance duration REI 120.

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