Control barriers


 Functional and stylish. Technology is always the backdrop to an eye-catching design.

This is why TAU products are ideal for integration in various contexts, without the risk of interfering with the harmony of spaces designed with painstaking care and impeccable taste.
The signature of Italian Style, giving aesthetics its due respect, while keeping to all technical details. A feature acclaimed by International markets, who all recognise the Made in Italy trademark as a synonym of innovation and art.
Research for beauty, applied to objects, but not beauty for beauty’s sake, but rather as a factor of ergonomics, practical use and harmony with the function for which this technology was developed.


Technology needs to be safe, guaranteed and clean.
TAU systems have been designed as instruments at the service of people.
Tranquillity of use is guaranteed by the sophisticated prevention systems installed in all products and tested for years at our laboratories. The experience of our technicians and constant testing in the most extreme conditions form the bases for making our systems ideal for integration in all situations.
Rigorous product testing and design are the guarantee of safety for everyday use.
These inspections and checks are applied to the mechanical construction of parts through to the production process. In fact TAU also means quality of work and attention to the human resources employed for business development.

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