Our turnstile series uses the most advanced optical safety sensor technology that are fully integrated in the construction. The designers paid particular attention to aesthetics as well as a multitude of additional equipment options and finishing so that Cominfo turnstiles solution can be adapted perfectly to every prominent lobby or entrance.

Especially the series EasyGate is designed to be friendly in use at "Self Service" checkpoints with two-way crossing.

The turnstiles are equipped with motorized sliding or swinging panels which are controlled by an advanced microprocessor ASIC platform with highly coordinated detection software algorithm.

The engineers also focused in the opening / closing speed of the barriers that can even synchronize and brisk walking pace of a non-standard user. At the top of the turnstile a LED light is fitted to highlight the area of the card reader making the user guidance easier to locate their badges.

High performance is a top priority for EasyGate, Cominfo is offering a wide range of finishing options and accessories that will not disappoint even the most demanding architect.


Application areas:

  • Office buildings
  • Office buildings with multiple tenants
  • Corporate Lobby,
  • Government facilities,
  • Financial institutions,
  • Data centers,
  • Campus, Educational Institutions,
  • Leisure centers,
  • Public transportation


  • Safe high input performance solution
  • High transit speed
  • User friendly with redundant safety
  • Wide range of peripheral systems
  • Many finishing options

The series is complemented by classic-tripod turnstiles and full height turnstiles which AFCO in places like ports and land, particularly the second system can be combined perfectly with our company ticketing system.

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