Fire Resistant Doors

The fireproof doors provided by our company are manufactured and meet the most demanding standards while complying with all the necessary specifications and requirements.

Our innovative range of stylish and efficient products give you the fire safety protection you need, with clean lines also enhancing the aesthetics of your secured premises.

Fire resistant doors are installed inside buildings to create safe partitions between spaces in the event of a fire. They can be fitted with various fittings and safety handles to meet various requirements. In addition, they can be placed around the building as exit doors.

Such spaces with these characteristics are called REI 60 and REI 120 where REI stands for:
"R" = mechanical resistance keeping the door efficient
"E" = ability to stop fire and smoke passing through the door
"I" = thermal insulation the door can be maintained at 150 ° C

These spaces can withstand fire and smoke for a certain period of time: for example, REI 60 doors can withstand for an hour.

REI type fireproof doors have the following advantages:

They separate spaces avoiding the spread of flame and smoke.
They offer thermal insulation
They open easily allowing quick escape/evacuation of the space in case of fire.
They must be assembled along an established escape route and must lead to areas of low fire risk.
The frame, hinges and all peripherals are also fire certified ensuring a fully certified system. The special padded accessories offer automatic closure after each opening ensuring the isolation and transmission of the fire during the evacuation of the building.

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