Counting solution with door interaction

record FlowControl - Fully integrated people counting solution

COVID-19: challenges for which we have solutions!

  • Worldwide many shops remain open, or will be opened again, with clear restrictions  on the number of people in a store
  • Quick fixes done today have significant disadvantages
          –Security personnel: costs
          –Provide limited number of cards/shopping baskets:
          –Hygiene & disinfecting: personnel costs
  • With the record FlowControl system there is no longer any need to control the number of people, everything is automatic and the system counts, opens and closes the door automatically

 record FlowControl is an automatic people counting system for retail stores and shops. The system reliably counts all people in both directions in and out. If the pre-defined max. people count is reached, entry door is automatically deactived to prevent further access of people. This allows an active control and limitation of the people flow into a building. Multiple door configurations are also possible. A surface mounted LED stripe IP65 indicates if access is granted (green) or not (red).

Key benefits

– Automatic stop of the people flow if the predefined max. people count is reached

– Interaction with the door in entry direction (escape direction not affected)

Please note: non-record doors with bus connected radar sensors are only partially compatible

– Manually adjustable counting values (keys +/-) and intuitive usage

– Only 2-4 h installation work

– Clear signalisation with green/red LED stripes IP65, resistant to vandalism

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System specifications

  • Counting accuracy: > 99 %
  • Sensor installation height: 2 100 – 3 000 mm
  • Passage width: max. 2 400 mm at 3 000 mm sensor installation height
  • Min. object height to count: 1 300 mm
  • Maximum number of sensors combined: 4, maximum distance between all sensors is limited to ca. 60 m
  • Multiple entry / exit door configuration layouts: Yes
  • Configurable counting values: Yes, actual and maximum people count is adjustable
  • On / Off button: Yes
  • Control unit: record BDE-D FC control unit
  • Interaction with sliding doors: Yes, all record doors + brands with radar sensors (relay output) are compatible; compatibility of bus-connected radar sensors to be clarified

Installation requirements

  • Power supply: 110 – 230 V AC, 50-60 Hz
  • Indoor / outdoor usage: LEDs outdoor IP65, sensor/electronics indoor
  • Counting Technology: Time-of-Flight 3D

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