Cold storage doors

πόρτες ψυκτικών θαλάμων

Tane Hermetic is proud to present its new line of cold room doors, the Spanish factory is one of the few that offer 60-minute fire safety certification for this type of application. The doors are made of stainless steel AISI 304, the inside is lined to work as a cooling door and the outside as fireproof with the corresponding protection.

Both the profiles and the frame are made of stainless steel and lined with stone wool and expanded foam to regulate cooling and sealing. Especially for freezer doors, they are equipped with a special inflatable tape around the perimeter. Possibility of installation both in refrigeration chambers made of insulating panels and in masonry with the ability to adapt to different thicknesses. The door is completed by a locking device with the help of internal fixing points and stainless steel rods as well as external and internal handle.

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