Hospital doors

Ergomatic offers a wide range of doors and solutions, the «Hospital System». These doors are specially designed for use in hospitals, clinics, laboratories and food plants and cosmetics. The Hospital System series, characterized by perfect finish, easy cleaning and low routine maintenance frequency. They include sliding doors, sealing doors, doors for sterile environments and windows that pass surgical instruments.

The hospital automatic doors is established and propagate because of their positive characteristics and excellent construction quality, we could easily say that they are the first choice in design and manufacture of surgical ports and specific areas of hospitals. These doors, being airtight, resistant to overpressure or vacuum, guaranteeing the non diffusion of bacteria that may be caused by the loss of the sealing of the door. Additional advantage are the smoke resistance, allowing the use of these doors as an active smokescreen while the acoustic sound insulation can reach values ​​of 28 dB up to 44 dB in version TAP RW 44 db.

The surfaces of these doors offer disinfection, easy cleaning, antibacterial protection and low maintenance. 

The entire range of hospital doors can be used in operating rooms, preparation rooms, quarantine rooms, sterile rooms, pharmaceutical, food industry while further appropriate to prevent the exchange of large amounts of air and preventing noise emissions in conference rooms, music rooms or other.



  •  Prevent contamination

  • Wide range of options for the door finishing surface  

  • Easy to clean

  • Bright and transparent

  • Energy saving

  • Reliable

  • Barring cold vapor particles

  • Certified insulation construction of the sliding door

  • Reduced maintenance

All materials are manufactured according to international quality assurance standards ISO 9001:2015, covering European standards TϋV GS and CE




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