Shading and mobile soundproof partitions

Shading Systems

The Swiss company Griesser produces solar shading systems that prevent overheating and building reflections, while saving energy at the same time.

Blinds and shutters can reduce the level of radiation in buildings, improve thermal and visual comfort, reduce and diffuse the percentage of direct solar radiation into the building, and enhance the proper distribution of brightness from the sun, sky, buildings and land. Ultimately, the blind and shutter solutions we offer not only reduce energy consumption costs, they meet every practical need.


Shading mechanisms

Mowin® window mechanisms complement Comunello's 45 years of experience in mechanical door and window opening systems. The guarantee of high quality and durability associated with all Comunello products continues in the brand new Mowin® series. Combined with special attention given to the development of electronic components and their programming, Comunello's window mechanisms are extremely flexible, suitable for a wide range of applications such as windows, domes, skylights, shading blinds, awnings, and shutters.  Their modern style reflects the greatest possible attention to detail - Mowin® window mechanisms have exactly what it takes to be a benchmark in the automation of a home or a building.

Window Mechanisms: a new invitation to combine Comunello's position as an industry leader with an Italian touch.

Mobile soundproofing partitions

Nüsing mobile wall technology meets every conceivable need with flexible space separation.

Movable partitions, glass walls and folding walls allow for more space. They provide the functional and flexible distribution of various areas, while adapting to the respective requirements of individual interiors.  The product line by the German company Nüsing, who we trust and represent, combines the advantages of modern mobile wall technology with the highest standards on many parameters: architecture, aesthetics, acoustics, sound insulation, fire and smoke protection. The wide range of Nüsing products offer you a great variety for individual personalization.


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