Automatic space-saver doors

Maximum opening width for minimum clear structural width

The DORMA RST spacesaver door performs a swivel movement. The pivot centres are located off-centre, below and above the door opening. This gives minimum space swept by the door leaves. DORMA RST space-saver doors are supplied in standard sizes ready to install. (If desired, installation and commissioning by DORMA.) They meet high standards of safety and reliability, and  can also be used on emergency escape routes, since they can be opened like a normal hinged door. If the automatic operator is not switched on, the door can be manually opened without trouble.

Attractive appearance, high benefit, minimum space required

The leaves of the DORMA RST space-saver door sweep only a very small space. The supporting structure and the open leaf need only be a hand’s breadth away from the wall. And even the maximum of the sweep is only a few centimetres outside the door line. No installation problems: 1.3 metres width is sufficient to install the modern convenient door. And a clear open width of 2.00 m in a structural opening width of less than 2.40 m, for instance, is not usually available elsewhere.

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