VPrint XTDescription

VPrint XT is an innovative, offline voucher printer that offers multiple ways of printing a single validation/discount to a ticket: continuous mode, either with fan fold tickets, paper roll, or single mode.
Its high flexibility allows the ability to not only to customize the ticket with a distinctive layout, but also to associate a specific kind of validation/voucher to each of its 4 buttons.

Among its smart features, VPrint XT allows users to set up a Wi-Fi hotspot, and accessibility to any wireless device such as smartphone, PC, and tablet.
VPrint XT extended functionalities can be controlled and configured via an intuitive web dashboard: from mass print and counter check to ticket layout update, the printer can be easily and comprehensively managed.

Validation WebDescription

Web Validation is an easy to access, intuitive solution designed to offer a web-based alternative for the application of discounts to transient parking users.

Authenticating with unique ID credentials, each merchant is able to access a customized set of discounts, then easily select and apply.
Thanks to a cloud-hosted solution, validations data are safely stored and conveniently available for detailed analysis.

Validation ValimateDescription

The ValiMate is a motorized device to encode magnetic stripe tickets with a discounted parking fee. The discount applied is printed on the ticket and can be repeated up to a maximum of 10 times per ticket. Payment or exit stations will then calculate a pre-determined discount when the ticket is inserted.

Coding Station – CDSDescription

The Coding Station is a ‘Back-office’ station that allows administration staff to create batches of encoded tickets and cards such as discount tickets, day/ week passes etc. It is ideal for creating multiple tickets for shopping center discounts and visitor or congress tickets for business centers, tradeshows, conferences and conventions.

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