Entrance - Exit Bars

The bars at the entrance and exit of the lot communicate directly with the entrance-exit units. The command to lift the bar is transmitted by the entrance-exit devices. When open, the arm remains in a vertical position until the incoming or outgoing vehicle has completely passed. As soon as it passes the second sensor, the arm automatically returns to the horizontal resting position. The material construction of the bar is such that damage cannot be caused to a vehicle in the rare case of system failure. When closed, the arm rests in a particular position on the main unit, so that it can be easily detached in the event of vehicle collision. In addition, the bar has an automatic arm immobilization system in the event of a collision with an obstacle, ensuring smooth start and stop movement of the bar. The immobilization order can be canceled electronically. In the event of damage to the electronic unit of the bar, there is a mechanism mounted inside the bar structure that enables the user to manually release it.


  • Terminal protection degree IP54

  • Complete pre-installation wiring for access control

  • Access: 100% electronic control of all operations

  • Color with electrostatic painting, possibility of right or left placement
  • Easy maintenance with secure interior access
  • Waterproof, rust-proof, stainless-steel cover is suitable for outdoor installation
  • The dimensions of bar arm, straight or not, as well as the width of the passage, are customized to the space. The arm is made of coated aluminum and has special reflective tapes. The underside is covered with a thick insulating layer of rubber to avoid damage in the event of a collision with an obstacle.
  • Adjustable closing time
  • Opening time 1.2 sec
  • Designed for operation of 10 million openings/closings

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