Commercial Retail Parking System ERGOPARKING

A fully customizable parking management system that features centralized control, total scalability, and low cost. The ERGOPARKING system is an ideal solution from the very smallest to the largest of spaces.


The ERGOPARKING Parking Space Management System is designed to:

  • Provide business owners and personnel with the tools for a more efficient management of commercial parking lots
  • Create full transparency in the flow of business operations
  • Maximize system availability - minimize “lost time”
  • Improve customer service and thus increasing the customer’s overall perception of the business quality

The system performs the following functions:

  • Allows controlled entry and exit to parking lots
  • Collects and manages statistical information
  • Issues barcoded tickets
  • Defines and automatically collects payments (optional) according to a predetermined price list, while controlling access of operators allowed to intervene in fee programming
  • Provides the ability to manage the station remotely (change settings, troubleshooting, etc.).
  • Facilitates future expansion of additional devices, parking spaces or entire parking lots a central management point.

• Provides the ability to connect to a central control system from where information can be gathered for multiple management across like systems.



The system is comprised of the following integrated systems:


1.Central Control Station 2.Entrance Terminal 3.Exit Terminal 4.Control Bars 5.Automatic license plate recognition




  •  Vehicle location via magnetic entrance loop
  •  Display screen "Please press the button for ticket"
  •  Click button
  • Ticket printing
  • Open bar entry
  • Vehicle crossing via magnetic entrance loop
  •  Entrance bar closure
  •  Display waiting screen


  •  Vehicle location via magnetic exit loop
  •  Display screen "Please scan the  barcode on your ticket"
  •  Ticket display
  •  Bar opening, in case of a valid ticket
  • Vehicle crossing by magnetic exit loop
  •  Entrance bar closure
  •  Display waiting screen


For additional information on the ERGOPARKING system, click here.


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